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Cope Committee Update : Sept-Oct 2012

This year’s Presidential election may be a close one but for Labor it appears the choice is clear. Watching Romney standing at the podium on February 23rd in Phoenix on C-span stating that our unions were the problem and as soon as he wins the election he will end Project Labor Agreements and repeal the Davis Bacon Act should scare all of us.

I had been non-union for many years before I joined Local 25, I know all too well what it’s like not having a membership watching
each other’s back.

The one thing we have as union members is the block vote. Please Watch Romney’s speech in the video, below


The COPE Committee has many openings and we need assistance. We need members with leadership skills to run or help run their own townships. Lastly, we need members who have great communication skills for the phone banking and hand billing. Please consider helping the COPE Committee.

Finally, any Brother or Sister who is out of work or wants to be more involved with the election experience can get in touch with the Board of Elections and ask to work the polls.

It pays a little over $200.00 for the day and does not affect your unemployment. Brother James Feldmann who is the COPE township leader of Smithtown went through his political party for the information and is now going to be working at the Smithtown polling stations.

Any questions, call the Business office.

Your Brother in Solidarity,
Michael P. Monteleone
C.O.P.E Committee Chairman