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COPE : Political Action : May-June 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My first involvement with Cope goes back to when I was taking my apprenticeship classes. During break time a delegate walked in and asked if anyone could help out with COPE by doing some hand billing. I had worked 6 years for a non-union electrical contractor, and now that I was doing union work, I had no problem volunteering on a Saturday morning. We met up at 9:00am on a Saturday morning; it was a quick 2 hours of walking with friends. If we don’t get involved in politics, we leave family, friends, and our future in somebody else’s hand.

Unions are constantly under attack, including the apprenticeship language and the Davis Bacon Laws. Get involved and make a difference.
We have put together events with the help of dedicated members and the support of our Business Office for the main purpose of bringing the member- ship together and reinforcing unity. Here is a list of upcoming events. Please try to attend.

June   25th     Congressional   Night. 6pm Politicians from Washington, DC and N.Y. State come to our Hall to make their speeches and answer any questions that you or other Local's members may have.

June  30th   (Rain  Date  July  1st)    COPE  2nd Annual Car and Motorcycles Show.  9am - 5pm. Event is held here at our hall, and  it’s only for Local 25 members families and friends vehicles. There  is  no  admission,  registration,  or  booth fee. All hamburgers, hot dogs, waters, sodas and cotton  candy  are  only  $1.00.  Additionally,  we are looking for the  members who have bands to come down and  play 1 or 2 sets. We do ask you to bring a donation of a nonperishable food for Island Harvest. Any Brothers or Sisters who have  their  own side business, such as DJ, tent rentals, etc., please come down and share those great deals, not only to the existing members but

know you. A special thanks to John Frontino for running this event with the help from Darren Macario, James Feldmann, Michael Chludzinski, Mike Normandy, Susan Savochka, Tom Dziurka, TJ Diaz, and Godfrey King.

August 25th   2nd Annual COPE Fishing Trip – Captain Lou’s 9am - 1pm. This event is for family and friends. Last year’s trip was  awesome. We had moms, dads, kids, aunts,  uncles, and one grandpa. The fishing was so active we only moved twice. The price is $30 adults and $20 kids, which includes fishing poles and bait. A special thanks to Rich Johnson for running this event.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you want to help out with hand billing. Thank You,

Your Brother in Solidarity MICHAEL P. MONTELEONE
Cell phone 1-516-508-0462
Facebook - IBEW Local 25 C.O.P.E


One of our members from Roland's Electric was incorrectly identified in last month's issue. The team shown in the picture are Journeymen Doug Hisgen and Dean Martin. "Oops, sorry about that Doug."