New Islander Hockey Arena

The new Islander Hockey Arena at Belmont Park is in full swing. With approximately 100 Local 25 members and travelers  currently  working  on  the job – it  is  expected  to  peak  at  around 200 in the spring with a completion date in  September  2021.   This  project  will  be a job that will be a once in a career job. We probably will not see another sports/ entertainment arena of this magnitude built for a very long time. 

We currently have multiple contractors working on this project:  Bana  Electric,  A.S.R.  Electrical, B & G Electrical Contractors, TR Ricotta Electric, L.E.B. Electric, Haugland Energy Group and probably a few more as the job progresses. I would like to thank all the Local 25 members and travelers for doing a great job during these tough times.

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