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The new Islander Hockey Arena at Belmont Park is in full swing. With approximately 100 Local 25 members and travelers  currently  working  on  the job – it  is  expected  to  peak  at  around 200 in the spring with a completion date in  September  2021.   This  project  will  be a job that will be a once in a career job. We probably will not see another sports/ entertainment arena of this magnitude built for a very long time. 

When members of Long Island, N.Y., Local 25 learned of a museum being built to honor a local Navy SEAL hero, they were all in.

“Anytime somebody calls us to help out with any military or veteran causes, we’re always happy to help,” said Local 25 Business Manager Kevin Casey in a video on the project produced by the National Electrical Contractors Association.

With help from some travelers, members of Long Island, N.Y., Local 25 are powering two overflow hospitals to deal with the demand from the Coronavirus pandemic.

On February 28, 2017, I, along with Business Representative Jack Majkut, visited the Nassau Coliseum to see the work being done by Local 25 Brothers and Sisters and to see the progress being made. The Coliseum looks great and the quality of craftsmanship by our Brothers and Sisters was exactly what I expected.

One of the largest school jobs we have done in years is currently underway at Roosevelt High School in Nassau County. The 15 million dollar electrical contract is being done by Roland’s Electric Inc. of Deer Park. Vice President and Project Manager Bob Mauchan of Roland’s is overseeing the project which is headed up by General Foreman Lou Scarpati with Foreman Tim Roden, Bob Taborsky, JoeHoops and Shop Steward Gene Everett.

In November of 2011, LIPA commissioned the new 32 Megawatt Long Island Solar Farm at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The completion of currently the largest SolarFarm on the east coast will generate enough energy topower 4,500 homes annually. Completion of the project marks a milestone in Local 25’s history of “providing for the electrical needs of Long Islanders.”

Local 25 and our NECA partners continue to build on our Renewable and Green Energy resume with the hope of leading our nation away from our dependency on foreign oil. Certain areas of Long Island make it ideally suited for application of solar and wind turbine technologies.

Back in early 2008, Smithtown Library Director Robert Lusak and the Friends of Smithtown Library contacted Local 25 and asked for our assistance in getting support through the Nassau/Suffolk Building Trades for their district wide library building renovations. The bond proposal was to be put before the voters for a vote and the Friends of Smithtown Library were looking to gain as much support as possible for the project.

On July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 departed John F. Kennedy Airport en route to France with 230 passengers from three continents on board. The plane suddenly burst into flames over the waters of Smith Point Beach on Long Island, New York, and hundreds of lives were lost in the crash.

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