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Business Manager’s Message

We are the men and women of IBEW Local 25  We are two thousand people who have earned our living and raised our families by working in the unionized electrical construction, maintenance, and telecommunications industries on Long Island. We are your Sunday school teachers, your volunteer firemen, your civic leaders - we are the fabric of Long Island.

Local 25 has been on Long Island since 1932. We have many faces. Sometimes we are a third generation of craftsman whose forefathers founded our local. Sometimes we are a black youth learning a new trade and sometimes we are a newly organized electrician. We have many faces - but one voice. We pride ourselves on being the finest craftspeople in the world. We are committed to ongoing training to keep our skills on the razor's edge of the newest technology as well as passing down our knowledge to the next generation of electricians. We stand for decent wages and innovative benefits so that our members can live the American Dream. We welcome you, please click here to learn more about us.

Attention, All "A" Construction Journeymen

Remember...all "A" Construction Journeymen registered on the Referral List who are not currently working as "A" Construction Journeymen are required to re-sign the 10th through the 16th of each month.  This includes all who are unemployed, working out of town or working out of class, on vacation, military leave or disabled list, etc.

Business Manager's Report - May/June 2015

     As we move towards the Memorial Day weekend, the weather finally appears to be cooperating with warmer temps and less dramatic volatility. As witnessed this past winter and with better weather ahead, we should see an uptick in the construction industry here on Long Island. As the weather improves so should our work picture.

President's Report - May/June 2015

     I hope that by the time you receive this issue of The Conduit, warm weather has arrived and work has improved. Along with spring comes baseball, golf, boating and gardening, just to mention a few. As for all the golfers out there, it’s time to brush the dust off your bag, clean your clubs and get ready for a new season.


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