Finally, we can have a normal General Union Meeting again without having to wear masks.In the centerfold you will see the members not wearing masks and having a good time enjoying some hamburgers and hot dogs. We are still having the members have their temperature taken with the machine we bought last year, just for precautionary measures. Like I mentioned in a previous article, this union halldid not close its doors during the pandemic. We were open every day. I am very proud of all the staff that works here in the Local Unionoffice for all doing a great job. Even when they had to quarantine... Read More
BY JOHN GUADAGNOWith this edition of the Conduit, we are in the throes of the summer season. The Fourth of July has passed with the only summer holiday remaining being Labor Day. I hope you and your family are enjoying the season, even though it has been an unusually hot one. As of my last writing, we have had several heatwaves and it is only mid-July. Make sure to stay cool when you can and remember that when on the job sites, keep hydrated to prevent heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses.Our ongoing building improvements are moving into a new phase. With the lighting retrofit of... Read More
Brothers and Sisters,The new C.O.P.E. pins have been mailed out to the Brothers and Sisters who have contributed to the C.O.P.E. fund. The pin is a show of appreciation for your dedication and commitment to the C.O.P.E. cause. C.O.P.E. pins are mailed out based on a list of names of contributors.If you have contributed and did not receive a C.O.P.E. pin, please call the President’s office at 1-631- 273-4567 ext. 241.Your Brother in Solidarity,Joshua E. Margolis, C.O.P.E. Committee ChairmanEmail: IBEWLocal25COPE@gmail.com | Cell phone 1-516-361-0508
Vice President Kamala Harris and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh traveled to Pittsburgh in late June for the first meeting of the White House Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment. The roundtable featured Local 5 organizer Bill Garner and counterparts from seven other unions. President Biden created the task force in April, giving appointed cabinet members and top advisors six months to report back on how the federal government can support union growth and collective bargaining. “You had the vice president and secretary of labor walk into a union hall — our hall — and sit down with a... Read More
President Joe Biden proposed the largest investment in American infrastructure since World War II back in March. Four weeks later, he renewed his call for the $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan during an address to Congress, with the IBEW at the heart of his pitch. Today, President Biden and Congress are working to pass a bill that will upgrade America’s flagging infrastructure, better position the U.S. as a global competitor and aggressively combat climate change. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework deal that was announced on June 24 includes plans to modernize the electric grid, expand... Read More
President Biden Has A Special Message For IBEW Members!
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It started in Rhode Island, where Providence Local 99 played a key role in the nation’s first offshore wind farm near Block Island. That showed the power of early support for such projects and it’s why the IBEW is part of a consortium of groups trying to bring such a facility to Long Island. Deepwater Wind, which also developed the Block Island project, plans to build a 15-turbine farm about 30 miles off the southeast coast of Long Island, with fabrication and construction work starting in 2019.“If we don’t start working on it now, it will never happen,” said Tim McCarthy, a business... Read More
Please see the following link for Unemployment Information-https://www.labor.ny.gov/ui/cares-act.shtm Thank you. Business Manager Kevin Casey(631) 273-4567