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Key to this plan are 500,000 new electric vehicle charging stations and the standardization of the buildout of the nation’s EV infrastructure. The IBEW is pressing lawmakers to ensure that the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) is included in any legislation. The EVITP program has been developed through collaboration among the IBEW, automobile and energy storage device manufacturers, utilities, electrical contractors, state and local electrical inspectors and the national fire protection agency.


President Joe Biden proposed the largest investment in American infrastructure since World War II back in March. Four weeks later, he renewed his call for the $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan during an address to Congress, with the IBEW at the heart of his pitch.


President Biden Has A Special Message For IBEW Members!


As I write this article for the Conduit, I hope we have seen the last of the bad weather. With spring starting, let us clean our yards at home, get our boats ready for the season, and start planning our vacations for the coming year.

So here we are over a year since the Covid pandemic had been declared. Here in New York, things have intermittently begun to loosen up as far as the restrictions go.  Just a little here and there,but do not be misled, the virus is still dangerous and deadly. 

>As I sit here and write this article for the Conduit, it is the last week in January. The holidays are behind us and we are into a new year. 2020 was a horrible year with the coronavirus starting to rage in March and still not under control as of today. With the vaccines starting to be distributed; hopefully, we can start to get back to normal in



Let me begin this article by wishing all our members and families a very healthy and happy New Year. 2020 turned out to be a bittersweet year. Sadly, we lost some members and their family to
Covid-19. In the coming months, let’s hope and pray that the long awaited Covid-19 vaccine is available to our members and life can go back to normal.

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It started in Rhode Island, where Providence Local 99 played a key role in the nation’s first offshore wind farm near Block Island. That showed the power of early support for such projects and it’s why the IBEW is part of a consortium of groups trying to bring such a facility to Long Island.


Deepwater Wind, which also developed the Block Island project, plans to build a 15-turbine farm about 30 miles off the southeast coast of Long Island, with fabrication and construction work starting in 2019.