Pressing Congress to Pass the Build Back Better Agenda

Historic and transformational change for America’s infrastructure and jobs is the order of the day on Capitol Hill as negotiators seek to construct legislation containing President Biden’s bold plan for America.

At issue are plans to build the charging infrastructure necessary for widescale adoption of electric vehicles, buses, trains and trucks and create hundreds of thousands of jobs in roads, transit, the electrical grid, passenger and freight rail, broadband and water infrastructure.


After President Biden helped negotiate it, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed the Senate and is now under consideration by the House of Representatives. Negotiators are also working on the Budget Reconciliation package, the administration’s and congressional Democrats’ proposal for “human infrastructure.”


Both of these bills have the potential to impact a large swath of IBEW membership and their families.


President Stephenson and Government Affairs Department staff are actively lobbying on these negotiations, which are fluctuating daily. Please look for updates in next month’s issue of this newsletter, on and in the Electrical Worker.